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February 24, 2016



I have never managed to grate ginger successfully. I always end up mincing it.


We recently hosted dinner with friends who have a finicky tween. I made a similar recipe in the slow cooker using flank steak. No pear, though.


It was excellent, but I think a bit of a sear on the meat would have been welcome.

While you can use one of those pretty white porcelain graters for ginger, I find my trusty Microplane does a quick and neat job.


I should probably buy one of those little ceramic ginger graters, but I just don’t use enough ginger to justify it….


Ah, porcelain, right. I should've used my Microplane—didn't even think of it! And the box grater was already out....


Sounds as if some kim chee would be good with this. The cauliflower dish from a few days ago, btw? Very tasty. In thinking it over, next time I just plan to dump all my florets into the batter, so that I get a more even distribution of batter; I found the first batch was a lot more batter-y. Thanks.


Bon Appétit suggested serving it with lettuce cups and kimchi, but I think I’m afraid of kimchi.

Glad you liked the cauliflower!


It's just Korean sauerkraut. And easy, too. I have some in my fridge RIGHT NOW.


I enjoy kimchi! Don't be afraid of it; I liked it a lot when I was in Korea visiting my daughter and it was served as an appetizer for every meal. A bit spicy for me though. :)


Sounds good!

Laurie C

This sounds good! I never knew there was such a thing as a ginger grater. I love fresh ginger, but always end up mincing it, too.

Beth F

Okay, how did I miss this in BA last fall? Looks and sounds awesome. And ouch! I'm not a huge fan of grating either. I use the grating disk in my food processor.


A new box grater made grating ginger much easier for me. I think the old one was getting dull or something. The recipe sounds delicious, but I wonder, why pear?

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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