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February 01, 2016


Laurie C

Welcome back to the blogosphere! (The way my email threads pile up in my inbox, I ended up commenting on a post from Feb. 2015 instead of this one, at first.) Fried chicken seems like an awful lot of work and messy clean-up even with a shortcut method. Now, homemade ice cream, on the other hand, sounds worth all sorts of effort and mess to me!


This was really not bad at all! I used one quart of peanut oil in my cast iron skillet—there was almost no splattering because the oil was only 1 inch deep. After it cooled, I poured it back into the bottle and tossed it. The pan cleaned up in a jiffy. I certainly wouldn’t do it every week, but it was really not a big deal!

For Julie’s birthday last year, she requested the Cuisinart ice cream maker and she LOVES it.

Beth F

Yummm. Poor Mr. BFR, I pretty much never make fried chicken -- cause, again, I'm usually too lazy to fry things. But the pre-baking = less pan time, so I think I'll have to give this a try.


It’s funny that I fried twice in one week, because it is something I tend to put off too. But this was not nearly as big a deal as deep-frying, though just as yummy. I’m sure any combination of marinating/seasoning would work with this technique. I should’ve taken a photo, because it looked like any magazine food stylist’s dream of fried chicken!


I love chicken, it's my favorite meat. Sounds yummy!

Deb in Hawaii

I am all for not having to spend extra time frying. ;-)

Chicken Biryani

Fried chicken, its one of my favorite dishes. Love it.

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