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February 16, 2016



What, no shout-out to Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies?!


You’re right—he was excellent.


I forgot to comment on your Brooklyn post; I loved it but couldn't get on board with the plumber! I think I fell for Domhnall Gleeson a few movies ago (Star Wars notwithstanding) and now I can't imagine anyone choosing a guy with a slightly skeevy-seeming Irish girl fetish over Gleeson's character. I loved the film but felt so unsatisfied at the end.

Star Wars and The Martian were absolutely satisfying popcorn entertainment!


Read the novel Brooklyn and tell me what you think! I had never heard of Domhnall Gleeson until Star Wars, then suddenly he was in Brooklyn, and now The Revenant!


I thought the novel Brooklyn was a coming of age girl story written by a guy who had no clue. I disliked it so much I threw it across the room. I guess I won't see the movie!! But bridge of spies I loved! My husband's great uncle, an FBI agent, was in the bridge. Pretty cool.


Domhnall Gleeson is also in Ex Machina, which I watched on Netflix and enjoyed. I liked the movie Room much better than the book--the little boy in it is phenomenal. Spotlight was excellent. And Carol was so beautifully shot--each frame is like a fine-art photo. I'm still trying to find a time to see The Danish Girl, even though the reviews weren't that great.


I very much enjoyed the book The Martian, and the film wasn't too much of a let down. I thought they did a nice job with it. I don't see enough movies!

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