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August 25, 2016


Algot Runeman

I recently read a trilogy of science fiction books in which meditation was a strong theme (First book is "Nexus" by Ramez Naam. One thing about reading at night is that it helps me focus. That helps me to wind down, to relax. Your lists are a focus, but sound like a struggle of focus rather than a relaxation with focus. I wonder if a form of meditation could be worth trying.


I have tried meditation many times over the decades, and in many ways. I seem incapable. I've taken classes, read books, used apps, listened to CDs, you name it. After 3 minutes my brain is off in another direction. I reel it back in as instructed, trying to do so judgment-free, and start again. And again. And again. And I never get better at it. It's very frustrating because I love everything about the idea of meditation but can't seem to make it work for me. :(

Michael Harrison

What about audio books? If you can't read at night, audio books may be something to focus your brain without having to focus your eyes. Just keep your phone and a set of earbuds on your night stand. You can rewind to the last part you remember before nodding off (although this can be a bit of a hassle)... I got an Audible membership about 10 years ago and I listen to 24 more "free" books a year than I actually read. I listen whenever I am alone in the car and now that I am retired, I also listen when I am puttering around the house.


The Periodic Table? Books of the Bible? Generic names of sleep medications?

Martin Buuri Kaburia

Look into the yoga books,they give good insights on how to deal with insomnia

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