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September 09, 2016


Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

You can continue the conference vibe by coming to the 11th annual Communication Central conference next month in Rochester, NY. Communication Central has been the only conference for freelancers since 2006. Details are at www.communication-central.com.

Roz Potischman

Hi, Karen. So glad you enjoyed your Conference and train experiences. We love the train for all the reasons you mentioned -- and, especially, the "quiet car". We were surprised to read about your bar experience. We've lived in Manhattan for 46 years and have never heard of or experienced the "stereotypical surly bartender." They depend on tips so who knows what was happening in his life that day. We promise you: Come back and frequent as many bars as we do and you'll enjoy it! Love, your aunt and uncle. P.S. Often we like having dinner at the bar which many restaurants encourage when you can't get or just don't want a table. It's quite cozy and more often than not, you get to have a conversation with the bartender or persnon(s) next to you.

Roz Potischman

Did the above on the bus. Correction: Person(s)

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