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October 18, 2016



Wow, that's a lot of books! I could google, but instead I'll ask: what is salt block cooking?!

Tonya Watkins

I remember when you first started on this adventure and my oh my, you have come a long way! It just seems so perfect for you to edit cookbooks! Talk about right up your alley. I know it has to be stressful and deadline-driven (and therefore not truly "perfect") but you have created a wonderful niche for yourself. It's really been fun to witness your success!


Sandy, I had never heard of salt block cooking either, but now I'm an expert! :) Apparently one can buy a great big slab of Himalayan pink salt that you actually cook foods on. It provides a very hot, even cooking surface but does not make everything taste salty.


Thanks, Tonya! I'm going to have deadlines no matter what kinds of books I edit, so I might as well do books I enjoy! :)

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