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February 03, 2017



Adams should have been nominated for an Oscar. Fantastic movie. Great performance. I've been bingeing on TV. One thing I think you should see is a Netflix original called The OA. Really unique show.


I found the opening scene of Commonwealth to be an absolute tour de force. Ann Patchett remains one of my favorite authors, thanks to you, Karen! I still read The Magician's Assistant every year. Thanks for the recommendation of The Diver's Clothes...--I'll request it from the library.


I didn't love the Strout either, but was not as impressed as I thought I would be with the Patchett. State of Wonder is still my favorite. I couldn't get enough of Arrival, and saw it 3 times. Whoever wrote the piece at the beginning is a masterful script writer. The film's aliens were truly peripheral to the story. Probably one of my all-time favorite movies.


I think my favorite Patchett was Bel Canto.


I'm probably not the one to talk you down on the political side of things. I just ripped off an email to Mitch McConnell literally minutes ago calling him out for the coward he is. Okay, there were a few other words, as well.
Onward and upward. I'm really looking forward to seeing "Arrival". I've also enjoyed of the "Chef's Table" series. It's great for anyone who loves to cook. My reading has been fairly low key of late but I really am enjoying the first two Donna Leon books set in Venice. She writes well and it's a great distraction.

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