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March 08, 2017



Mazel Tov!


And I've been with you almost from the beginning! My blogging is done I think - I still have a blogger page.

I also still have my Look Book from my freshman year at Occidental College. :)

Happy blogiversary!

Tonya Watkins

OMG, me, too! We started our blogs within a day or two of each other. My kiddo was a senior in high school, a couple of months out from graduating. It's astounding how things have changed since then (and it honestly doesn't seem all that long ago...)


Happy Bloggiversary! I remember coming upon your blog and writing to you to say "I'm not a mom but hope to be someday...and love reading about how your raise your kids" and now here I am with an 8yo and 4yo and a killer set of recipes I've gleaned from Verbatim!


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