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February 03, 2018


Beth F

I love, love, love pulled pork and this Asian-flavored take sounds delicious to me. I usually use bagged broccoli slaw mix because I like better than regular shredded coleslaw. And even though I own a shredding disk for my food processor, I'd rather just buy the cut-up stuff.


Yes, broccoli slaw would be ideal!
I'm also quite certain that the other half of that giant head of Napa cabbage I bought is bound for my City Compost bin. I'm glad not to waste it, but it would be better to just buy what I need in the first place!

Mae Sander

Those Hawaiian rolls can be really delicious. I never think to buy them at home, only when visiting the islands. I've never read about which of the many Hawaiian food traditions they come from -- but a quick google search suggests that it was the Portuguese immigrants to Old Hawaii that introduced them. Pulled pork and Asian slaw would make a perfect -- and very Hawaiian -- sandwich with them, too.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


They also make a "savory butter" flavor, but my supermarket guy insisted I wanted the "sweet" rolls. He was right. :)

Judee@gluten free A-Z blog

Being vegetarian I will have to skip the pulled pork, but your Asian slaw with the julienned snow peas looks delicious.


How sweet is the recipe? Put another way, do you think it would suffer if I cut WAY back on the honey? One of my flaws is a dislike of most non-dessert foods that are sweet (candied yams, sweet&sour pork, ham with pineapple, some baked beans . . . ) and so I am a little lukewarm on ordinary pulled pork. And hoisin is, by itself, a little sweet. So, what do you think?


I did not find it noticeably sweet, but I also don't think it would matter if you cut back on the honey. I don't generally care for sweetness in things that are meant to be savory either, but I did not find that to be the case here. But yes, hoisin is sweetish too, and five-spice has sweet spices, so the overall flavor could be considered sweet. But it's the not the same kind of sugary sweetness that's in barbecue sauce, which usually has brown sugar as well as corn syrup (in the form of ketchup). So: sweet, perhaps, but not sugary sweet. More spicy sweet. (I'm not helping much, am I?)


Both those recipes sound great! My slow cooker cookbook (The New Slow Cooker Cookbook)just came in the mail, and I've yet to try anything in it. Will post when I do. Since recently getting a slow cooker, after all these years, thought I'd be more likely to use it with some good recipes.


Yum! I'm going to try both recipes
I ♥ my slow cooker

Laurie C

I love Asian slaw and these recipes both sound good. I'll take your advice to go light on the five-spice powder. I have The New Slow Cooker Cookbook out today and was planning to make Pineapple Teriyaki Drumsticks, but forgot to buy the 8-oz can of pineapple! I don't want to go out, so I'm going to try substituting a little pineapple juice.
Great way to dispose of your garbage! Taking us back to the old days of separating trash from garbage instead of throwing it all away together...


This sounds like a great pulled pork variation. I'm definitely going to try it.

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