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December 11, 2018



This sounds incredible! I would love to try this some time.

Beth F

Yes!!!! I've made this recipe a few times myself. I don't do the stovetop thing -- instead I *very* slightly undercook the chicken and then follow the recipe for slicing into bits (well, I generally just shred it) and finish it under the broiler, which crisps it up a bit and doesn't dirty another pan. I use extra garlic, the red pepper flakes, and the cinnamon. I make hummus (or buy it) to tuck into the pitas. I agree -- this recipe is awesome!


Ooh, broiling is such a good idea, thanks! If you like tzatziki, give it a try next time—it's a nice cool counterpoint.

Beth F

I bet tzatziki *would* be good. :)


That sounds like a recipe I would like to try. Great flavor combos there.


Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

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