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October 17, 2019



Happy anniversary! Wow, Andy and I are practically twins. Also, I am now very torn about Where the Crawdads Sing. It didn't seem like my kind of book, but another friend of mine loved it so much that she started it all over again once she finished it the first time!


I am going to suggest the new Ann Patchett for book club also. I was one of the few in my book club who didn’t love “Where the Crawdads Sing.” I agree with you that the plot and the characters were completely unrealistic. I am a devoted mystery reader, and the so-called mystery was a joke. I figured it out way before the big dénouement. I haven’t really enjoyed the empty nest, but I have adjusted by keeping busy. It looks like you’re doing the same!


I need another cookbook like I need another hole in my head, but which of those can't I live without?

Sharon Price

Karen - my daughter Emily lives in Copenhagen. Reach out when Pete is headed out - and maybe she can be of some help to him.

Tonya Watkins

I, too, am curious which of those cookbooks I can't live without. The skillet one looks interesting!

I agree with everyone here about Crawdads, but I admit that I didn't "hate" it. It was unique enough that it kept my interest, and I thought the writing was decent. But yes, the plot was unrealistic.

It blows my mind that Julie is 18. I remember you talking about your 4-year-old when we both started blogging...


Love this! Glad everyone is doing so well ❤️

Stephanie W

Happy Anniversary!!! I was hoping you would come back to the BLOG world.

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