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December 01, 2019



Neither one of my girls could be home (New York and Ohio), but I had a nice meal with my parents, and brother and his family. I checked out your stuffing recipe, and it looks like what we eat. As you say, turkey, stuffing and warm gravy over the top are excellent. I had a slice of my favorite pecan pie too! No calories there...

Beth F

I never have superfine sugar around either. What a great feast!!! Thanksgiving is always a ton of food and cooking, but -- frankly -- nothing is really all that hard to make. The trick, as you say, is to make sure everything is done at the same time. Some years we're more successful than others. That sangria sounds like a good addition to my New Year's Eve dinner . . .


Thanksgiving is always a favorite holiday when so much of our family is able to be together. Being vegetarian, we don't do turkey or gravy but we do squashes, cranberry sauces, stuffings, soups, etc. - Your pomegrante sangria looks delicious.

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