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March 08, 2020


Kristi Hein

Karen, happy blog-iversary! I've sadly decided to cancel my attendance at ACES. Heeding the CDC caution for elders like me (not that I FEEL old!) to avoid air travel and big crowds. But honestly, one of my biggest regrets is that I'll miss your recipe-editing workshop. Sure, I'm an old hand at cookbook editing, but I was so looking forward to taking part in this and seeing you IRL again. Ah well. Come to a Red Pencil some year!

Algot Runeman

Take your time.
Our imaginations are piqued.


Happy 16th Karen! Wow, time flies!


Sorry to hear it, Kristi, but it makes perfect sense. It remains to be seen if it will even be held....


Happy 16th! I try to blog several times a week, but have been visiting my daughters in Ohio (Cincinnati area) and now New York, which makes it tough. So, my priorities are to spend time with them. :)

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