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March 17, 2020



"Person Of The Utmost Stupidity!" I need to remember that one. I'm glad to hear that you are all together and staying busy. Even if it's hard to concentrate on work, it's good to have something to help you feel productive and keep your mind off of this endless worry and fear, if only for a while each day. I can't imagine how fast five adults can dwindle one's food supply. We are only two here, and I'm jealously guarding the few dozen eggs and what fresh produce we have left. I am very, very reluctant to venture out. Hang in there, Wise family!

Beth F

When I started freelance editing decades ago (probably about when you did), who knew it'd be the sane economic choice. I'm swamped with work, but also am having trouble concentrating.

Now if only the stupid stock market would level off along with the COVID-19 virus, I'd be happy. :)

Stephanie W.

Person Of The Utmost Stupidity! - LOVE IT. My cousins in Hong Kong have been out of school since Chinese New Year and they MAY go back to school on April 20.

My kid has referred to this period as Senior Skip Quarter.


I too like how you describe our Idiot-in-Chief, or is it chief idiot? Glad that all your children are home and that you're managing. I don't like isolating but I'm doing it, after spending last week in two states, 4 airports, Grand Central, the Metro North x2, an Airporter coach x2 and 3 airplanes. I might be the dangerous one. I have most of what I need except company and am trying to keep busy with a mix of reading, exercising, and movies.

Tonya Watkins

Isolating because I caught the flu from my little grandson. At least I KNOW it's the flu because he was diagnosed, and it's a relief since he and his parents live in a coronavirus hotspot here in WA. Both my son and DIL are in the Navy who is hard-ass about allowing them to stay home and take care of a sick kid, so grandparents to the rescue. Once I feel better and have some ENERGY, I have a lot to do around here to keep me busy (and even entertained). I sure do hope this isn't a lengthy ordeal. I was encouraged to hear today that China is slowly starting to get back to normal.


The stories of your panic about getting Pete home and Julie missing so many parts of senior year are so upsetting. I’m so sorry that they had to miss out on those experiences. One of my nieces is at a small college where they had an impromptu graduation on their quad last week and my other niece is also missing her senior year and so many similarly important special activities. I’m lucky that my elementary aged kids are taking this in stride and have no choice but to follow the orders to stay home. It’s hard to balance home schooling and work but we’re figuring it all out. As for me, I’ve also worked from home for years but agree it’s so distracting to feel the urge to check the news and check in on friends and family. My fears for my own health and that fallout for my kids are also keeping me up nights, and we’re updating wills and insurance. And yet, we soldier on. The garden is waking up, the house needs cleaning, the laundry continues. Long dormant cookbooks are getting attention. I appreciate your post and hope you repost some of your old favorite recipes. ❤️

Roz Potischman

Welcome back. As you know, I have always felt NYC was the best place in the world to live despite not having lived in most cities of the world. I still feel that way after 50 years that included 9-1-1, the financial crisis in ‘08 and now the Trump Virus and Trump Economy. I will say that these times are unparalleled in my 80 years. It’s like living in a banana republic within a sci-fi movie. The Country is suffering under the so-called President’s mismanagement. It was inevitable when you have an ignorant, unfit, petty narcissist at the top. So much for “Make America Great.” It will be left for the next President(s) and all of us working together to “Restore America to Its Former Greatness.” We’re gonna need a bigger cap.

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