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April 10, 2020



I am finding that managing the food supply is very stressful and time-consuming. Plus, I am baking bread every few days and have warned my husband not to just mindlessly grab a piece of bread whenever he's hungry because I will eventually run out of our precious yeast and flour! I told my daughter, who is basically a full-time homemaker these days, that we have become like pioneer women. lol She and her husband put up a big compost thingy in their backyard and she is growing vegetables from seeds. I suddenly understand so much more about my late mother who was so incredibly frugal (saving used plastic bags, aluminum foil, etc.) after living through the hardships of World War II in Europe. When I would roll my eyes at her, she would say "Just wait! You'll find out some day!" Yeesh.


Yes to all this, Elena! I find myself examining a used plastic bag to determine whether it still has another life in the kitchen before it gets used for cat litter. I am eating things I don't want to eat just because they're on their last day of food-safety. I try not to run the dishwasher until not even one more butter knife will fit (even though there's no water shortage). Every bit of produce that's no longer good enough to eat fresh goes into the freezer for a smoothie later in the week (wilted baby spinach, soft strawberries, etc.). 


I'm only one person, so I don't need a whole lot of food, but it's the variety that I need, without having things go bad. I miss eating out, and going out! I'm not a TV watcher either, although I'm thinking of trying out a few Netflix series. The evenings drag when one lives alone.

Algot Runeman

Oddly, although retired, I'm using the spur of this event to rekindle my study of Spanish. Each day I DO spend an hour or so watching a movie on the HBOLatio cable channel. I turn on close captioning so I get the extra benefit of seeing the words just as I'm hearing them. I also enter some of the new vocabulary into my daily journal so I get the added connection through some writing.

There are also some Spanish speaking people on my social media friends list. They tolerate my mistakes as I practice writing mostly mundane things.

Other daily activities are shuffled around because of this, but the focus on a "new" skill is a wonderful way to avoid feeling that the walls are closing in.

¡Buen salud a todos!
Ser creativo.

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