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April 09, 2020



I'd heard of him, but never knew any of his music. I'm a melody person and not a lyric one, so I don't generally gravitate to song storytellers. So many people are fans of his though that perhaps I should give him a listen.

Karen Wis

I get that, Margie. But if you like poems and stories in general, think of these as just set to music! If you go to that last video I linked to (which is just audio), and click the SHOW MORE thing at the bottom, the lyrics will pop up. It's just gorgeous, and the musicians on that particular version are stellar.


I got to know John Prine when I met my husband also. We saw him in 2007 in Philadelphia and recently said we should get to another show since he was getting older. "Thank him for more blessings than one man can stand" RIP John.

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