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June 24, 2020


Beth F

Totally self-quarantining here too. The "worst" thing we did was risk a pizza last week. We have seen no one. The only store we go to is the state store because we can't get wine delivered in PA and I can't get through this without it. LOL. Penn State is on the same schedule -- send students home at Thanksgiving until . . . spring?? Who knows. So happy we both have careers that can weather this well.

Lisa Goldstein

Mostly self-quarantining here too, although I've started going into the office occasionally since I'm quite literally the only one here. I'm grateful that I can do most of my work, including teaching and leading worship, from home. I'm painfully aware that not everyone is so fortunate. Congrats to your daughters! And to your friend Beth F, my daughter and son-in-law just moved to State College, where my SIL, a newly minted rabbi, will be working for Hillel at Penn State. Interesting times... Stay safe!

pam the beancounter

Steph has a graduate degree? Where does the time go? (Wait--you and I have been blog friends since about 2006, so yeah, no wonder!) Congratulations to her, and to Julie. You have such wonderful kids.

We've segued from full seclusion into a bubble lifestyle here. My office is content to let us work from home indefinitely, so my only social interaction is limited time with the couple next door. SO ready for a vaccine so we can all go out to dinner again. :)

Deborah B

I get out to the grocery store once a week, and I go right when they open since it seems to be the lowest risk. I really miss taking my time at the store, too, just to explore what might be new or fun to try. I never thought about that when all of this started, but I miss that more than I miss almost anything besides attending plays and musicals.

It's been so fun to "watch" your kids over the past 15+ years that I've been reading along with you. My stepson was supposed to be getting married this coming weekend at a venue in upstate NY. We had planned an entire road trip from AL that went on to Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and more. I'm sad to miss all of that, especially since we don't know when we can have the wedding.
But we are happy and healthy. I've discovered that I can be quite the happy hermit as well. We've always had an active social life, but I have been quite content to stay home with my husband for the past few months. I'm lucky enough to be able to telework - I haven't been in the office since March (prior to that, teleworking was NEVER an option). My husband is a college professor, so the fall semester (in whatever form it takes) is going to be a bit trickier for him to navigate.

I'm so glad to hear that you're all doing well!


I watch the news (and the monster in the WH) with disbelief. I didn't realize how many stupid and self-centered people there were! I'm not as strict as you are, but go few places, and always masked. When my county went to Phase 2, I stayed in Phase 1.5. Great news about your kids! My NY daughter had a baby boy on May 20 so I'm headed back there soon for a visit, after quarantining for 2 weeks. This virus makes travel quite difficult.


I absolutely agree with you on the grocery shopping. It's so stressful and it's just find the things fast and get out. We've actually chosen to drive 10 minutes out to go to a grocery story that actually has everyone using masks and enough cashiers so there's no line up. We only shop early in the morning and only once every two weeks if we plan it right. Plenty of takeout here too. But I am in no hurry to return to "normal" when you think about how crowded the old "normal" was.

I'm glad that you're all healthy and congrats to both Steph and Julie.


Still quarantining here too with very few exceptions. I have no desire to set foot in a grocery store until I absolutely have to, although it is getting tedious having to rely on Instacart shoppers, etc. (but thank goodness they are available). So glad to hear that Steph has already found a job! Woot!

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