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July 27, 2020



Just popping in to say that I really liked Roche Bros. in my Concord days. It's been a few years now, but I believe it was in Acton. (Also, I like the gray hair! You look great.)


I've been dyeing my own hair which hasn't been easy. However, it is now to the stage that it needs a trim. The hot and humid weather of New York is making it look even worse. (it might be OK if I were at home)I've always told people that my hair has a lot of natural curl and wave; now they believe me! My daughter has offered me a trim and I might take a gamble on it.

Beth F

I stopped coloring my hair in fall of 2018 -- so I'm all gray now. I did one chin-length chop to speed things along, but other than that, I went cold turkey. I've never been happier.

I stopped Instacart too because of all the fees. We use Wegman's curbside pickup, which is free and brave Trader Joes once a month. TJ is VERY careful around here -- limit number of shoppers and wash everything down.

We really miss the farmers markets, but one year won't hurt us. We have gone to a few roadside stands -- if there are no other customers.

I don't think we have an AMZ food options here, but I should look into it. And YES on Target. We also use Grove Collaborative.

Ha! I give myself game and puzzle rewards too: one more chapter, 20 more pages. I've never tried nonogram, I'll look into it.

Martha Wetherill

It looks good on you, Karen. Coincidentally, I also stopped having my hair colored, but I had decided to do so just before the beginning of the pandemic; the color just didn't seem to match my 57-year-old self. Whatever the reason, I suspect that we have a lot of company in this swerve away from color to grey.


I buy a lot from Target. Just did a *huge* order for my daughter's dorm room.(#fingerscrossed that this whole on-campus living-in-the-dorms thing works out)
We are the same with staying out of stores. I usually do a weekly pickup order from a local grocery store. It's great but I still miss Trader Joe's so much!!
Thanks for the nonograms mention. Once upon a time I had an app with those puzzles. I finished them all and never thought to check if they existed online. They are so fun and I'm very happy that I can do them again. :)
Your hair looks really good!

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