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July 02, 2020



The writing in Circe was beautiful - your term "luscious" perfectly describes it. Loved the story too. Also enjoyed Evvie Drake. I have Sea Wife on the hold list from the library.

You might want to try This Tender Land. It is a tale of four kids on the run from the Lincoln School, an boarding school for Indian children in Minnesota.


Beach books are fine, because hey, it's summer :)


Circe was one of my favorite reads from 2019. Oh, how I miss 2019. It was fascinating and gorgeously written. As you noted, the latest Patchett wasn't her best, but anything by her is better than most of the drivel that passes for best sellers. We keep talking about reading Born a Crime in Book Club; by now too many of the other members have read it. I don't do audio books either since my mind tends to wander. Our last read for BC was The Water Dancer. It was an excellent discussion book.

Beth F

I still haven't gotten to Circe! I'll try to bump it up. After reading all day for work, I'm grateful for audiobooks. I can't just sit and listen, though. I walk, garden, cook, do dishes, knit, make lace, etc. when listening. Now, I agree, if the recipe is complicated, I pause the book to read the next recipe direction, then turn it back it on when I getting to sauteing or stirring. My print reading has gone down but my audiobook listening has been blooming. I'm going to write about my June reads on Monday!


It's very likely the case that I'm just not used to listening to audiobooks and would get better at it over time... But the earbuds thing is a problem! I've tried every brand, and they just don't fit! I do have one kind (made by Panasonic) that I can use if I really have to, but they're not comfortable for a long period.

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