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August 27, 2020


Peggy Gassman

Thank you so much for sharing. I love that one followed each of you to your alma maters.
You’ll soon adjust to empty nester world. Although COVID adds an interesting layer.

Patty Boyd

I've been meaning to ask if the kids were moving back to school. Your post answered my questions. Enjoy the quiet time! And the ability to stretch one cooked meal into another supper and maybe another lunch for just the two of you!


Fascinating to read what they've done to keep the students safe. (now the students need to do their part as well) I didn't like empty nesting at first, but I adjusted. Adult children need their independence, and parents of said adults get their couples life back. Covid19 makes that difficult, which is unfortunate.

Algot Runeman

After months of fuss and riot
With noise a steady diet
You will enjoy the quiet
Though you're welcome to deny it!


It sounds about as safe as it can be. I think I would've been a little disappointed not being able to help my freshman set up her first dorm room, but that is a minor thing, given the situation. I hope you weren't too sad coming home to an empty house. I cried for two weeks when we dropped off our youngest. But you do get used to it.

Martha Wetherill

I dropped off my twin nieces, Olivia and Katie Lopez, at Wesleyan this past Monday. They're seniors now, so they live in a senior house on Home Ave. and are in quarantine for fourteen days. Ollie and Katie both said they'd be happy to connect with Julie if she's got questions or is looking for info on courses or life at Wes. I'll send their numbers if yes.

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