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October 29, 2020



I like this post and needed to read about how others are coping and what kinds of joy we're finding along the way. Because some days it's just so d*mn hard to be hopeful.


It's really, really hard. It feels like the world as we know it is ending.
As I mentioned in a previous post, every night I try to think of something good that happened to me that day, and some days I can't think of anything at all; same for a good deed I did that day. But I can always think of three things I'm grateful for, and that does help.
Sending hugs!


I think some Elvis Costello might brighten up this stormy day! Maybe even distract me briefly from the chaos circling us right now. Hell in a hand basket for sure!


It's worth a try! I've also been listening to a lot of Squeeze. Happy stuff.
(And if you like duck—and wine!—that will DEFINITELY help too!)

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