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December 30, 2020


Kristi Hein

You play chess? I trust that you have seen The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Casey read the book (by the author of The Hustler and The Color of Money) and it's now awaiting me on my tablet. 1917 and Molly's Game sound intriguing. Thanks!


Neither Andy nor I had played chess in about 50 years, but the kids have gotten into it, so we started again. I explained to the kids that when I was growing up, every kid knew how to play all these games. I was never any good, but it's still fun! I haven't beaten anyone in the house yet, but then again the kids play a lot on Chess.com, so they have learned a lot of strategic moves. Andy and I have so far watched two episodes of "The Queen's Gambit"; the kids have already watched the whole season.


Tenet sounds intriguing. I like time bending tales, both in writing and films. I've only seen John David Washington in BlackkKlansman and he was incredible in that.


I haven’t seen BlacKkKlansman!


Regarding Robert Pattinson, I take it you're not a Twilight fan (which would not surprise me). :) Of course, with my son who is a walking Harry Potter encyclopedia, we remember him from those days as well.


I know OF him from Twilight but, you're right, I never saw it.

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