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June 17, 2021


Beth F

Yes, that waiting forever to write up your thoughts .... it's a killer. Now that I'm not online 24/7, I've fallen deep into that trap.


Hamnet is so good. Beautiful writing.
I tried to read the Martian, my husband tried to read he Martian and neither of us could get into it. But we loved the movie!
Happy Summer! Hope you find time to read some great books, and then come here to tell us about them. :)


We're talking about the Yu book for Book Club so I'm glad to read your critique. I loved "The Martian" but haven't read any of the others. I enjoyed "Hamnet" and the ending was lovely.


I was ultimately disappointed by this book

Tonya Watkins

I LOVED The Martian (many moons ago, before the movie came out. I thought the movie was delightful). I also really enjoyed Hamnet. You have piqued my interest about the Stella Fortuna book.


I tried to read the Martian


The Martian" but haven't read any of the others.


I'm glad to have read your review. I loved "Hamnet" and the ending was great.


Hamnet is good, i like it

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