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December 26, 2021



I love Chewy.com, too, but had no idea they were THAT wonderful! I'm glad to see that we aren't the only ones who are staying out of public places as much as possible. But sadly, I am much more judgmental than you about those who seem to think the pandemic is either over or no big deal. I'm also spending way too much time at home with my word puzzles these days, but I'm happy enough that way.


Oh, well, I am VERY judgmental about those folks! I'm trying to be aware that there are people who are just as concerned as I am but who have determined that they can safely go out and about a little more.


Love Chewy!!


I wasn't sure if Chewy was a ligit place or not but thanks to your post, I know that it is! I'm in awe of them sending that painting and flowers and stuff to their customers.

Also, that picture of Phoebe is too cute and I had to laugh at the visual of her being ambushed with a gob of that stuff.

Those stuffing muffins sound so good right now! I wish I had some leftover stuffing. lol


Those muffins! Yum. Being me, I would be compelled to load the top with cheese and then melt it. :) I am close to your level of caution especially with my grandson here. I've been doing grocery pick up for months and mostly keep out of stores and restaurants. When I don't have a choice (picking up my mom's medication) I always wear a KN95


At the original recipe she mentions cheese! I just wasn't sure how that would go with stuffing...
I had been wearing cloth masks, but now I wear KN95s when I do venture anywhere.


My experience with Chewy has been wonderful as well. Glad to see your recent posts. We are actually in Boston this week and I thought of you. My first time here and having a great time! Hope all is well with you!

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