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April 01, 2022



Mazel tov on your blogiversary! I thought I was a veteran--going on 16 years--but you've got me beat.

I also thought I was hip to the latest nutriceutical news, but apparently I've been in the dark, although not the kind of dark in which mushrooms thrive. "Functional mushrooms" is a new-to-me category, and now I want to write about the brand names. (Four Sigmatic?) I wonder: Would it also work to just EAT MOAR MUSHROOMS? I can do that!

I found an interesting article about what to look for and what to avoid in mushroom supplements: https://www.reviewscout.org/top-5-mushrooms/

I'm willing to give them a try if I can find a non-gummy variety, because gummies are frankly a dealbreaker for me, raspberry or otherwise.


I take some of those same supplements but hadn't heard about the mushroom one which I'm very tempted to try. Like Nancy, I don't like gummies though. P.S Spent some time in Korea but never tried those. Darn!


Nancy, somehow I think you'd have to eat a shit-ton of mushrooms to get the benefits of having them all reduced down into supplement form. And in any event, I'm not sure you can get all those varieties fresh. As far as gummies go, many of these formulas also come in tinctures and I believe capsules, although that article you cite says not to do powders, and I think that's what's in capsules. The brand I chose is not listed in that article but fits all the criteria. (There are some other articles like that, and that's how I ended up choosing the one I did.) I don't take gummies for anything else, but these go down fine and aren't overly candy-ish.


Margie, usually these rice cakes are prepared VERY spicy in Korean cuisine, so I wouldn't have been likely to make them that way. But I did see that Trader Joe's now has a frozen spicy tteokbokki meal, so maybe that would be a good way to try it!

Beth F

Oh, you're just a youngster 😉 (I'm 67). I'm going to have to look into mushrooms. I take eye vitamins (my dad was optometrist and believed in them, as does my current optometrist), D3, B12, and biotin. I've heard good things about milk thistle, but because I have some pollen allergies, I haven't tried it. I used to take fish oil, but about 8 years ago my doctor (a DO) told me to stop, so I did.

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