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May 10, 2022



I see many possibilities for that galette. I like your idea of adding vegetables. I agree 100% about CODA; it reminded me of "Mr Holland's Opus" and was very predictable. I didn't think the Best Picture or Best Actor award were warranted. If anyone deserved an award, I think Marlee Matlin did. I asked a good friend (who is a CODA) what her parents and she thought of the movie and she rolled her eyes. Although Emilia tried to learn ASL, her sign wasn't good and deaf people needed subtitles to understand her. My friend was not very impressed by the film in general.

Tonya Watkins

Yes, Yes, YES!! about Johnny's seasoning!! Its origin is very local to the Pacific Northwest and we have used it for years (based on the Johhny's seafood restaurants and seafood shops in the area). When my parents were living in Maine and I'd moved back to WA in the mid-70s, my mom would have me mail her Johnny's because she couldn't get it there, and nobody had ever heard of it. I'm glad to see they've expanded across the country after all this time.

Beth F

I'll pass on both movies. I didn't like Uncut Gems, so I'm not eager to watch another. CODA interested me, but two friends of mine who are professional career ASL interpreters said it was really bad.

Both recipes look good. I've never heard of Johnny's--not available at my Wegman's, so I'll have to mail order. Budget Bytes has a good chickpea salad, and I had the same issue trying to eat in a sandwich (https://www.budgetbytes.com/scallion-herb-chickpea-salad/)

As for 1Q84 -- I *know* I'd love it, but haven't yet committed to the length!

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