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January 19, 2023


Amy W

I completely agree about The Plot. You expressed my thoughts exactly. I don’t mind a good plot twist, especially when it serves as a comeuppance and allows someone to get what they deserved. In this case, it definitely felt cheap and like a parting shot from the author towards any empathy readers might have developed for the MC. I don’t mean to spoil anything here, but the plot twist elevated a clear “winner,” but nothing about the story made this feel like a @win.”

Beth F

I haven't read any of your books, though I've read other Doig books. Seven Husbands has been on my list for a while now. I like the sound of the Widow one too.

We really liked Glass Onion and agree that we hope there will be other movies to come. So much fun. Adding Bullet Train and Everything, Everywhere to our list.


I absolutely hated the ending of "The Plot." It made me angry that I'd wasted so much time on it. I did figure out the twist about half-way through but was hoping I was wrong about what would happen. I wasn't. I love Doig also; he is such a beautiful writer. I wasn't as fond of Glass Onion as of Knives Out but it was still a romp. Daniel Craig is one of my favorites. I just finished "Demon Copperhead" for Book Club and am now reading "The Marriage Portrait."


I'm going to put some of those books on my list! My husband hated Glass Onion. He walked out (of our family room) while my son and I were watching it, so there you go. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't like it.

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