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February 20, 2023


Beth F

Oh no on the COVID. So far we have avoided it. At least as far as we know. It's possible we were asymptomatic, but I don't think we've had it.

And you ruined made my life so much better by introducing me to nonograms. Now you have another game? ARGH. How am I ever going to get anything done. LOL


Yeah, I guess no one can ever know whether they had covid and were asymptomatic, although I feel like we (and you) were so very cautious that it's unlikely. And the few times we thought we were exposed we tested repeatedly, as I'm sure you did. May you be queened the Medical Mystery who never gets it!


I haven't gotten Covid yet to my knowledge but probably will. I'm resigned to that fact. I'm still careful although I'm doing more activities and around more people than I used to be.


Yes, we all have to find the right "comfort zone." It's so hard because it's all uncharted territory!

Deborah B

My husband and I haven't had it yet, at least that we know. We've each had one cold in the last three years - last month - and both tested negative more than once. He's a professor and I'm a librarian, so it seems odd that we haven't even had the usual seasonal colds. I'm glad you're both mending!

I'm rereading a book for the first time in almost a decade - A Good American, by Alex George. I highly recommend it, and I'm already planning to seek out his other novels.


Oh, I'm so glad to hear of even more people who have escaped "the plague." May it continue!
And thanks for the book rec.

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